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About Us

About Us.


Our Commitment

Dream Books Company is proudly located in Denver, Colorado. From humble beginnings, Dream Books has exceeded all expectations--however our mission remains intact: consistently deliver the best possible workplace for our employees.

We are committed to our people; this mission feeds all aspects of our business. By creating a employee-centric workplace, Dream Books employees can focus on providing high quality experiences for our customers, partners, and community. This commitment means that our employees can productively pursue their goals and dreams with the support of their workplace. We want to move beyond making a living and begin making an ideal life.

We are committed to our community and environment. A growing number of book retailers both new and used are resorting to the common practice of "pulping" their unsold and unsellable books. We currently partner with local non-profit organizations and bookstores to give our books the second (or third) chance they deserve. By working with these organizations, we have been able to divert over 25,000 books in the last year from paper mills and into the hands of students, children, and readers alike.

We are committed to our customers and suppliers. At Dream Books Company, our customers give us the ability to work with great suppliers and our suppliers allow us to provide high quality products to our customers. We believe this cycle is important and our commitment to both ensure this beautiful partnership remains working.

Dream Books is committed to our employees, community, and customers. Without these, we would not be possible.



Our History

Dream Books Company originally began out of a basement in Aurora, Colorado in 2008. Founder, David Chung, hired friends and family to help grade and scan books into an improvised storage system of 2x4 shelving and recycled beer boxes.

In 2011, Dream Books moved into their first commercial location, a large and leaky warehouse. These years were highlighted by urgently moving hundreds of books around any time it rained and what seemed to be a never ending supply of pizza days for lunch. They have since upgraded to steel shelves and a location with an impenetrable concrete roof.

Originally focused with selling gently used books on Amazon, Dream Books has since expanded to selling their products to over 20 marketplaces, 185 countries, and their product selection to now includes CDs, DVDs, and video games. Through the effort of incredible teamwork, the business quickly grew and is now one of Colorado’s largest booksellers by volume. Dream Books still orders pizza on occasion for lunch.



Our Mission

Dream Books Company’s Mission is to consistently deliver the best possible workplace for our employees.



Our Core Values



We believe that if a person is passionate about life, they will do what it takes to preserve and improve the experience for themselves and others.


Regardless of our personal views and beliefs, we all share one thing in common: Earth is our home. Without cooperation on both a large and small scale, we will not be able to solve the large and small problems we all face.


What we try to accomplish each day can be difficult. We celebrate the people who stick through the challenges even when there seems to be no possible solutions.


Our future deserves our best selves today. Many of our goals can only be accomplished by pushing ourselves to produce the highest quality work.



Our Team


Dream Books Company is comprised of many different individuals from various backgrounds. We have people who have restored furniture, had past-life as a truck driver, and someone who’s even worked at a fish market. But, we all share one thing in common, our desire to work together to build a better life and world for one another.

Join our team.